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We pride ourselves as being the top engineering company in Kenya offering seamless design and structural engineering consultancy services. Experience impecable design through powerful structural engineering software.

Why we are the best

Over the years we have developed seamless solutions to help accelerate growth of the structural engineering industry by placing the right information and software tools into the hands of structural engineers


The business of Ebatech Engineering Associates ltd is to provide design, project supervision and other services in the construction industry.


To be a leading company in the construction industry in East Africa


We have positioned ourselves strategically as the leading strucutral engineering consultancy agency in the African continent.

in the market

Tools have evolved over the years accelerating growth in industries in amazing ways. The structural engineering industry is no different! To ensure maximum acceration of growth for our clients, we designed user-friendly software to help govern the engineering world of Computer-Aided-Design and Manufacturing.


Our structural engineering software will help you design quality structures. Built for over 4 years and updated yearly after that, our structural engineering software provides an abstraction to the complexity of engineering and ensures a smooth user experience. To build your next structure, just try Ebstructural.

Creative Design

The engineering software has been programmed in a manner that it gives the greatest user experience.

Modern Look

Tools have evolved for thousands of years and so should user interfaces. The software has been built with usability in mind

Minimal Layout

Simplicity is the essence of productivity. Our software ensures that you get a clean job done.


All the tools you need for structural design are integrated into our software. All you need is to start designing!

“The road to success is always under construction...”


We have participated in various projects across the country. Ranging from design of simple office structures to design and supervision of mega structures that house hundreds of people.

Ebstructural Software

The initial version of Ebstructural Software was developed over a 4 year period (1999-2003). Since then other version have been developed yearly. The software has capability of analysis and design of reinforced concrete and structural steel structures.

Nyeri Water and Sewerage

The offices for Nyeri Water and Sewerage Company consisted extension of existing office space and creation of basement parking. The construction is 100% complete. The project construction cost was about Ksh50 Million.

ACK Daylove-Dagoretti Children’s Home

Design and Supervision of ACK Daylove-Dagoretti Children’s Home, a 4 storey dormitory building with a dining area on ground floor. The major challenge was the over clear 8m span required at ground level for the dining area. The construction is 100% completed.

Design and supervision of White Rhino Hotel, Nyeri

This involved design and supervision of a 7 storey hotel accommodation building. The structural frame construction is 100% completed. Overall the project is over 80% complete. The project construction cost was about Ksh750million.

Andrew Crawford Six Storey

The design and supervision of this project, along State House Road, was a challenge because of the construction of the 2 basements is 100% complete. The client was King’s Developers. The project construction cost was about Ksh1.2 billion.

Design of Unilever Godowns

The design of this project is 100% complete. Construction has been shelved due to a decision to expand the factory in a different site. The project construction cost is about Ksh50million.

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Ebstructural is industry grade software built to handle your structural design needs.

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