EBATECH is a leading firm in African construction consultancy.The postal address is P.O.Box 5633,Nairobi,Kenya,Africa. We have if you are looking for easy to use affordable(low priced) structural engineering software it is here. We have 2 main software types .One is "Ebstructural" which is a structural engineering software and the other is "Neemagrader" which is a student grading software for use after exam. The prices for any version are 50US$. Free structural engineering software promotional and other copies can be downloaded as below Ebstructural will analyse any and design any two dimensional frame provided the structure is flexible and has rigid joints except for foundations some of which can be takes very short time to do the complex calculations. results include values of deflections and rotations of joints the software are microsoft windows based. "Ebstructural" was previously named "Ebstra" (a) to get Ebstructural(3cm)-metric-structural engineering software-demo copy click on the links next to download the zip file then unzip it using win-zip which is downloaded free from internet into one folder after that double click on setup.exe file to install d/click here for the zip file of Ebstructural-metric(ver.3cm) to purchase Ebstructural(metric) by credit card click on link next. You can also purchase by Mpesa.You need to notify us once you purchase so that we email you activation code. Email us on You can also purchase by Paypal by clicking on the button which is next
(b)to get Ebstructural(3CI)-imperial -structural engineering software-demo (at the moment Ebstructural (3ci) is not available. It is being updated) ( c)to get Neemagrader(2b) -demo copy click on the links next to download the zip file then unzip them into 0ne folder using winzip after that double click on setup.exe file to install. d/click to download the zip file 1 of Neemagrader(ver.2b) to purchase neemagrader by credit card click on the link next. You can also purchase by PayPal if you click on the button which is next

A 30 day trial copy can also be downloaded at this page.

our contact address: P.O BOX 5633 code00200 NAIROBI,email

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